mime-version: 1.0 content-location: file:///C:/1A696A77/ListofCoal_HistoryletterofSept.7,1927.htm content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable content-type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" The following is an except from a letter concerning a bid for the P= ullman, ID

The following is an except= from a letter concerning a bid for the Pullman, ID. co= aling station.  The coaling station= built in 1902, a platform with derrick, was to be replaced. The Gifford Woods Co= had sent a bid in and this letter was the result of an internal correspondence= .

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 &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;      Saint Paul, Sept= ember 7, 1927


Mr. H= . E. Stevens:

......in regard to the use of Gifford woods Coaling station machinery.


The Northern Pacific has gone through the various stages of development in coa= ling stations and one of the early types of power driven plants was designed by= E. H. McHenry, known as the McHenry Coaling Station. It made use of the chain bucket conveyer. This type was followed by the car hoist or Great Northern= type and this in turn by an improved type of chain belt manufactured by the Link Belt Company. In 1912 the first bucket type of station was built at Sartell, Minnesota. Since that time the bucket type has been used as a standard and none of th= e old chain types have been built.


We have learned that the bucket type is economical both from a construction a= nd maintenance standpoint and no consideration is now given to the chain belt type.


The AFE for the Pullman Coaling Station amounts to $12,410 of which $2,200 is the machinery to be furnished by the Howlett Construction Company. The cost of the Howlett Construction Company is less= than any other bucket type and is of very simple construction.


Judging from what I find in the Gifford Wood catalogue I am of the opinion their machinery and plant would equal the cost of the Howlett and the maintenance would be more.


We discarded the chain belt types 15 years ago.


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