mime-version: 1.0 content-location: file:///C:/1A83C8CB/Originoftrestletypecoaldock.htm content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable content-type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" The following letters will provide how the trestle type or “G= reat Northern” coal dock came about on the Northern Pacific

The following letters will provide how the tr= estle type or “Great Northern” coal dock came about on the Northern Pacific.


Mr. Thomas Cooper       &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;            &= nbsp;    On Road, May 22, 1903

 &= nbsp;          Referri= ng to your letter advising me that Mr. Darling is waiting for information f= rom my department  relative to modifications which should be made to the Staples dock……..

       &nbs= p;    Several times I have discussed with Master Mechanic Curry and others the failures which occur at the Staples dock. ……..

       &nbs= p;    I would recommend for Staples that the entire machinery on this dock be re= moved and heavier machinery be applied, as it has not been strong enough from = the fact that they are constantly breaking and I do not believe, that if the= dock is modified so that the chain can be operated vertically in place of on = the incline, that it will be strong enough, from the fact that failures are occurring on the vertical chain dock at Duluth and other points………

       &nbs= p;    My study of the coal docks on the NP thus far indicates that the mechanical= dock is not as satisfactory as the old style dock for the reason that coal pl= aced in storage is necessarily handled twice, and each time the coal falls it= is broken more or less…

       &nbs= p;    While in Duluth tomorrow I will inspect the Great Northern dock which I understand is operating very successfully and giving the best of service.

       &nbs= p;    A.E

       &nbs= p;        Superintendent Motive Power.




Mr. F W Gilbert

General Superintendent, Building

Mr. W L  Darling

Chief Engineer, Building

       &nb= sp;                    &nb= sp;            = ;         May 30th, 1903


Dear Sir,  

 &= nbsp;        New standard coal docks have been authorized this year at the following poin= ts:

 &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;    GN        Carlton       &#= 8211;  2 pocket -$5,052

 &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;    Glenullen    -  2 pocket

            &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;   GN       &nb= sp;  Glendive       &nb= sp;  -  6 pocket=

       &nbs= p;            =           GN        Whitehall     -  4 pocket

       &nbs= p;            =           GN       &nb= sp; Ellensburg   -  4”       

 &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;    Trout Creek –  4”       

 &= nbsp;           &nb= sp;            = ;    Lind       &nb= sp;     -  remodeling presen= t plant

       &nbs= p;    As you are aware, our present dock is by no means satisfactory. They are continually getting out of order, and are expensive to operate. I have concluded to try the Great Northern form of dock at the following points= :

Carlton, Glendive, <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Whitehall, and Ellensburg.

       &nbs= p;    At Glenullen and Trout Creek we will put up Nor= thern Pacific Standard docks.

 The General Superintendent will = arrange to cancel as many of the orders as possible for material for the docks w= hich it has been decided to construct of the Great Northern standard, and any materials it is too late to cancel can be taken into stock and used for repairs.

       &nbs= p;    The Chief Engineer will arrange to get copies of their standard plans from t= he Great Northern, and will furnish copies of said plans and bills of mater= ial to the Division Superintendents, so that they can make their requisition= s. In order that there may be no further delay, the promptest action possible = is necessary all around.

       &nbs= p;    Mr. Gilbert should advise the Assistant General Superintendents interested, = in regard to the above arrangement.


       &nbs= p;    Yours truly,

       &nbs= p;    Thomas Cooper<= o:p>

       &nbs= p;        General Manag= er