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Accidents, Granite Lake, Idaho

06/10/02 21:06        =             &n= bsp;           &nbs= p;   John Phillips        =             &n= bsp;     The Granite = Lake article by Bill appears in t= he following:  Volume 7, Number = 1 Winter, 1988 Kuebler, William R., Jr. The North Coast Limited Wreck at Granite  Lake<= /st1:PlaceType>, 20-25. Granite Idaho  Compiler  C Frissell


08/14/02 0:51        =             &n= bsp;           &nbs= p;     David L. = Edman        =             &n= bsp;  I have recently been given a group of original photos of the Granite ID  wreck. The person who took the photos is the one who gave them to me. They  have never, to my knowledg= e, been published. I am going to scan &  electronically "watermark" them. At that time, I'll make them available to  anyone on the list interested.  David L. Edman Seattle  photographs photos Granite Idaho  Compiler  C Frissell