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02/17/2001  11:37 PM

Duane Danielson

I'm searching for a month, and even better, date in 1951 of the wreck that hit the leg of the Koldok coal tower. The location was about 2 miles east of Oriska, ND. Oriska is about 12 mi east of Valley City ND. I have been in touch with several local retired NP trainman but none can remember this event. The damage to this 97 ft. Ogle coaling tower was so great that they had to tear it down- even before the end of steam. The local papers have many photos of the 1947 wreck west of Koldok but I need a starting month to continue my search. So far I have only two photos of the wreck, one with a boxcar leaning against the bent leg. I will share them off line with anyone interested- just send me an e-mail. I am trying two model this structure and need photos.  Koldok 1951 Oriska  North Dakota  Compiler  C Frissell