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05/17/03 20:51

Chief Jim (soundman1up)

> Hello all: There was a train wreck in the Machias area > in 1961; does anyone know of where in this area the > wreck was at, and how long this delayed rail traffic? > Thanks, Mike Mills >  >   Hi Mike, Well, I looked in my ICC files, but I only go up to 1955 on the NP.  Actually, I think that there was more information available, but they have  since taken the site down, or I haven't been able to get it to work for quite  some time.  This site < > was a  searchable collection of the ICC investigations from around 1911 to 1966 of  not only the NP, but all American railroads where there had been a serious  enough accident (I think one of the criteria was a death or serious injury of  either a passenger or a railroad employee) that would cause the Feds to  investigate the incident. It was a fantastic information resource (often  including field drawings of the accident scene) and a complete textual  accounting of the investigation. Anyone know if this material is currently  available from another addy? I drained a couple of printer cartridges  printing out a couple loose leaf binders of this stuff, but there was  considerable more that I would have liked to have copied.  Machias WA Compiler  C Frissell

05/18/03 19:15

John Phillips

Asked Rick Leach about this and he drew a blank. If Rick doesn't  remember, and Jim Fredrickson doesn't have a file on it, you can  safely presume it does not exist...  Machias WA Compiler  C Frissell

05/25/03 12:43

Jim Fredrickson

Our dispatchers office calendar for 1961 shows Number 676 (Sumas to Auburn time freight) derailed 14 cars at Machias on November 26.  Machias WA Compiler  C Frissell