Accidents - Rose Bowl                                                  TT00015




09/03/01 11:13

D. T. Sprau

The rose bowl wreck was not necessarily the fault of the engineer, Harvey Murray, who was a good man and did not deserve the kind of exit he got.  However he elected to retire on the spot -- did not even go to the investigation, I am told.   Eastbound (south) psgr train 408 was being run over westward main track around a previous wreck. There is no block signal protection when going against the current of traffic. Murray receive orders at Sumner instructing him to use westward siding at Puyallyp to afford even greater clearance to rerailing activities. Somehow, or for whatever reason, he reached the west switch Puyallup before he completely read the order,  and, unfortunately, a switchtender had already lined the switch for the siding. The whole thing was very unfortunate because I think if Murray had not retired and had attended the investigation, certain facts would have been brought out that would have resulted in a more proportionate distribution of blame.   That happened 40 years ago. Timetable directions have changed twice on that line since that time, if anyone is confused by my description of direction. Rose Bowl Harvey Murray  train 408 Puyallup Washington  Compiler  C Frissell

09/03/01 12:20

Don Shane

I'm 78 years old and have been retired since 1983 and may not remember too good but I was working 3rd trick, the morning of the "rose bowl wreck" and the engr on #408 got his orders right out of King St Seattle and had lots of time to read and digest the contents. Old "Harv" must have been absorbed in something other that driving the train. He may have gotten the reverse track order at Sumner but the orders out of Seattle told him the Eastward track at Puyallup was out of service and he would use a yard track thru Puyallup. If he was tlhinking, at all, he'd have to wonder how he was going to get on the Westward track to use the yard track off the Westward. main. Just putting in my 2 cents worth.  Rose Bowl Harvey Murray  train 408 Puyallup Washington Sumner  Compiler  C Frissell