F-unit passenger grille letter boards                            TT00037




01/27/2000  7:13 AM

Bill Kuebler

If you F-unit fans have the book, you can refer to the F-unit section in NP  Color Pict. Vol 3 for more of these details. Meanwhile, re: passenger B-units  in Loewy:    1. F-3s had metal letters affixed to two horizontal metal bars which, in turn,  were affixed to all F-3s' chicken wire type grilles. When freight F-3Bs were  converted to passenger (6551B-6553B), they were given this same lettering, in  the same manner, but these three units kept their middle portholes. All the  other pass. F-3Bs had only two portholes each side (except for one odd unit  which had two on one side and three on the other!).    2. F-7s had the same type of metal letters individually affixed directly to  the grille. Same spacing. There were no "F-5" B-units (late phase F-3s; "F-5"  was an NP designation), only F-5As.    3. F-9s: same treatment as the F-7s, except the grilles were Farr type  grilles.    All NP passenger B-units in the Loewy scheme had this metal lettering during  their entire NP careers. The letters themselves were the same size, font  (Roman), and spacing on all passenger B-units. I s'pose  Menk would have liked  to rip them off the units in '67, just like he covered over the Mainstreet of  the Northwest slogan on several of the cab units, but thanks to good NP shop  forces who affixed the metal lettering so as to last awhile, that move would  have required some effort--and money. Ha.  F3,  Loewy Passenger Paint Scheme, Details, Grille Letterboard, Lettering  Compiler  C Frissell