Land Grants                                                                   TT00018




12/15/2001  9:33:00 AM

Bob Montbriand

Chuck Soule gave us a good explanation of the land grant/NP situation. The  government granted alternate sections of land to the NP, but some of the  land was already owned by other parties, and when that was the case the NP  was granted land remote from the actual route of the railroad (probably the  source of the Mt St Helens grant). Another point to consider was that the  agreement to provide transportation for the government at 50% of the normal  rate on thr NP led to 50% rate cuts on all railroads which were competitive  with the NP. One last item which is critical to this discussion - Upon  completion of the construction of the NP the value of the alternate sections  of land retained by the government immediately doubled in value. Thus, it  is safe to say that Uncle Sam got his money back even before the 50% price  cuts (which I believe, continued until the mid-1940s).  Mt. St. Helens, alternate sections. Checkerboard  Compiler  C Frissell