Marion Branch                                                               TT00019




03/11/02 15:57

Bob Montbriand

A bit of trivia - When I worked at Fargo in the late 50's we referred to the  Marion branch as the "lady line"  North Dakota, Fargo 1950s  Compiler  C Frissell

03/10/02 19:48

Mark Meyer

This from the North Dakota Railroad list....information on the Marion    branch   from a dispatcher that works for the Red River Valley and Western Railroad   following an inquiry about the line...      ***         Is the line from Cassleton southwest thru Embden still      in? I can't remember if the whole line was taken out or      if portions were going to exist at either end and the      middle was being removed.      Track between Casselton and Lucca (CPRS crossing) has been removed,   including the diamond at Lucca.      Track between Lucca and Marion has been recently abandoned (end of Feb) and   will also be removed.         ***      The Marion branch (Casselton to Marion) was probably best known for its   stations which were named for women: Myra, Alice, Kathryn, and Marion.   Kathyrn and Marion are named for daughters of NP president Charles S.    Mellen.    (I always thought Marion was supposed to be a male name, but in any event   it's better than the town's first name...Elmo!)      The RRV&W most recently operated the line only between Lucca and Marion    (and   it was abandoned from Lucca to Casselton). Trains accessed the branch from   the RRV&W's ex-NP Fargo and Southwestern branch near Sheldon via trackage   rights on CP (Soo Line) to Lucca.  Lucca, Embden, Marion, Myra, Alice, Kathryn, Fargo and Southwestern, RRV&W  Compiler  C Frissell