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12/04/2002  8:34:00 PM

Bob Montbriand

For whatever interest it may have, When I served as Livestock Agent   for NP in the late 50s we had a regular movement of live hogs in Pig Palace   cars to the west coast. They moved from West Fargo to Laurel in First 603   (picked up at West Fargo), were fed, watered and rested (to meet federal   requirements) in the cars, and then put on second 603 for the run to the   coast. Service was excellent, and even though GN also served the stockyards,   nearly all of the hog traffic moved NP. I do not recall the cars being 40   foot - I think they were all 50 foot cars which had been converted from   automobile cars when autos moved into multi-levels. The cars were equipped   with movable shutters on both sides and were adjusted as needed on each   trip. They were double deck cars and we added hay to each deck on each trip.   stock cars, Livestock Agent, 1950s, West Fargo, Laurel, 603, GN, Great Northern, stockyards, hog traffic, hogs  Compiler  C Frissell