Railroad Lingo                                                                TT00024




12/04/2002  10:00 PM

Jim Fredrickson

Following is a very incomplete list of railroad terminology    Air brake repairman Air Monkey  Assumed Name Flag  Bad Order Cripple  Block of cars coupled together Cut  Book of Rules Company Bible  Brakeman Shack  Caboose Cage  Caboose Crummy  Caboose Hack  Caboose Way Car  Car end "A" non brake end  Car end "B" Brake end  Car on railroad not its owner Foreign car  Car on which defect sends brakes to emergency Dynamiter  Car Repair Track Rip Track  Carman Car Knocker  Carman Car Toad  Clear Track in Railroad Yard Alley  Clerk Mud Hop  Collision - Head on Cornfield Meet  Company doctor Croaker  Contents of train Consist  Coupler Drawbar and knuckle  Crew in pool service working 1st in, 1st out Chain Gang  Cut train in half to go up hill in two parts Double  Defective car or equipment Bad Order  Demerits Brownies  Demoted or Discharged Dehorned  Dispatcher Delayer  Drifter - goes from one railroad to another Boomer  Emergency stop Big Hole  Employee riding on a pass Deadhead  Engine pilot Cowcatcher  Engineer Eagle Eye  Engineer Hogger  Engineer Hoghead  Engineer Throttle Artist  Engineer - Fast Ballast Scorcher  Equipment operated by muscular effort Armstrong  Field Man Yard switchman  Fireman Ashcat  Fireman Bakehead  Fireman Coal Heaver  Fireman Fire Boy  Flagging close to caboose Drawbar flagging  Front part of engine cab Deck  Hobo Box Car Tourist  Hours of Service-Relieve on Road Dog Catch  Hours of Service Law Hog Law  Inspection - moving Roll By  Investigation Dancing on the Carpet  Little, old steam locomotive Coffeepot  Locomotive Hog  Locomotive - Electric Juice Jack  Locomotive (Switch Goat  Motor car Galloping Goose  Obtain position by exercising seniority Bump  Official Brass Hat or Brass for short  Opposite of Boomer Home Guard  Passenger car Cushions  Policeman Cinder Dick  Policeman Flatfoot  Policeman Gum Shoe  Policeman Yard Bull  Refrigerator car Freezer  Refrigerator car Reefer  Restaurant Beanery  Restaurant - Waitress Beanery Queen  Roundhouse Barn  Section laborer Gandy Dancer or Gandy  Set hand brakes on still cars Anchor Them  Signal - Clear on Mail Line High Green  Signal - Proceed Highball  Signals - Fixed Boards  Slow Freight Drag  Switch Gate  Switch - Change position Bend the iron  Switch - Line behind train Highball the Gate  Switch move where cars are cut off & coast Drop  Switchman Snake (SUNA Trademark)  Tank car Can  Telegrapher Brass Pounder  Telegrapher Lighting Slinger  Telegrapher's handwriting Fist  Track - Main Line High Iron  Train carrying signals for following section Carrying Green  Train in siding In the clear or in the hole  Train Order Flimsy  Two sets of tracks on a scale Dead Iron and Live Iron  Unassigned employees Extra Board  When a car not in clear is struck by engine Cornered  Working the Extra Board Bucking the Board  Wrecker Big Hook   terminology  Compiler  C Frissell