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= 12/= 30/2002 6:26 PM      = ;         Al Currier        =              <= /span>Can anyone supply the date when steam was repla= ced with diesel on the Sumas line out of Auburn? I'm especially interested in the Bellingham branch off the Sumas line. There is a photo of a steam engine at the Bellingham engin= e house with several men (a couple in suits) posing around it, in 1953.

No caption. Perhaps this might have been taken to mark the end of = steam service?


A second question. Did the steam engines on the Auburn to Sumas train run into Belli= ngham as well? Or were cars taken out of Bellingham to the mainline by the engine kept in Bellingham.


= 12/= 31/2002 12:19 AM     &nbs= p;      Jim Fredrickson           Bellin= gham had its own train, 931 and 932. There were a n= umber of variations over the years:

Bellingham to Wickersham and = return

Bellingham to Sedro Woolley and return with a side trip to Lawrence.

Everett to B= ellingham and Bellingham to E= verett Auburn to Bellingha= m and Bellingham to <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Auburn.

Buried somewhere in my stuff is the assignment file for this run a= nd will let you know when and if it comes to the surface.


Hard to say just when the last steam engine was used on these trains--sometime in the early 50's I would guess.

The North End was my first regular job as a dispatcher and one pai= n in the neck was when an L-9 switch engine would be run light from Bellingham  to <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Auburn for boiler wash or whatever. Th= ey were limited to 15 MPH and really cluttered up the railroad.<= /p>


12/31/2002 1:49 PM        =   Rick W. Leach        =           I don't have an exact date for the Sumas line dieselization, because it happened train by train, 675 was the first by the early 50's with 4 unit FT's. What we do know is, the Bellingham branc= h had diesels by 3-29-56. Also, the GP-9 power that replaced steam on the Tacoma Division was delivered between 6-55 and 2-56. The 1953 photo mentioned is = a bit early, because at the time, only three GP-7's were on the division and the= rest of the diesels were either switchers or road power FT's and F-7's, not ope= rated on the branches. At that time, most all the branch line power was steam.


Dave Sprau and I discussed the Bellingham servi= ce quite a bit while reviewing captions for the NP book. [Numbers] 931 and 932 seem= ed to change as much as any train on the north end. The Sumas train did not oper= ate into Bellingham, since it had heavier W-3 steam power and was a time freight. For instance, in Nov. 1956, the 931 operated to Sedro Woolley (and Wickersham)= for connections. Later it operated into Everett and in the 60's, it ran all the way, Auburn t= o Bellingham, performing switching at Woodinville, Arlington, Sedro= Woolley and intermediate points. (Provided by John Phillips)


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