Venetian Blinds in Station Windows                             TT00027




06/10/00 10:26

Bob Montbriand

The story about the windows on the engines brought to mind a true story   about a dear friend of mine A. E. Richmire who was for many years an   Agent-telegrapher at Walker, Mn on the now abandoned M&I branch. It seems   that management had decided to replace the huge old wooden depot structure   with a much smaller, attractive brick station. The depot was situated on   the north side of the platform and the windows which surrounded the   telegraph desk jutted out over the platform (for good visibility of   approaching trains). It also faced directly south and it became extremely   hot when the afternoon sun came beating in. Rich asked repeatedly for   installation of venetian blinds to cut down on the heat but was always told   that they were not in the plans nor budget. Finally Rich wrote a personal   letter to the Division Super commenting on the attractiveness of his new   depot, but at same time mentioning the problem caused by the heat of the   afternoon sun. He asked that, if the NP could not afford the expense of   venetian blinds, perhaps the Super could authorize him to purchase one can   of paint so that he could paint the windows black. (The venetian blinds   were quickly authorized).  depot, A. E. Richmire, Walker, Minnesota, agent, telegrapher, M&I branch, budget  Compiler  C Frissell