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W-3s on SP&S        =             &n= bsp;  TT00047

12/30/2002 12:51 PM        Allen P Rueter            =       Does anyone have records of which mikes the NP = used on the SP&S (Pasco-

Spokane) during WWII    


12/31/2002 12:16 AM       Jim Fredrickson            =     Many eastward NP freight train were run via SP&= amp;S from Pasco to avoid Providence Hill but usually with a Z-6 or Z-8 engine. = Are you maybe asking about NP W-3s that were sold to the SP&S?    


12/31/2002 5:00 AM        = Skip Caswell            =           In regards to what mikes the NP used during WW = II and up to the 50's on the SP&S, I have a couple other questions.    


During the war the SP&S did lease NP mikes, W-3's and W-5's (o= r so I've been told) and I also know the NP sold different mikes to the SP&S.  My questions are;<= o:p>


1.  Does anyone know = what mikes were leased to the SP&S and any idea what years? 


2.  If the mikes were= leased to the SP&S, were they left in NP colors and lettering?


3.  Anyone have any p= ictures of NP mikes on SP&S trains or any pictures of NP mikes using the SP&am= p;S mainline between Pasco and Marshall?



12/31/2002 5:04 AM        = Skip Caswell            =           Jim,  I had known that the NP used Z-6's on the SP&S main from Pasco to Marshall, = but didn't know the bigger Z-8's were also used.  Now I've got a good excuse to pur= chase an NP Z-8 model for operations.  =


= 12/= 31/2002 10:23 PM     &nbs= p;       Jim Fredrickson           The Locomotives Leased page in the August 1, 19= 43, Assignment of Power shows locomotives leased to SP&S as follows:<= /o:p>


1701 W3 St. Paul Divn leased 6-12-43

1751  "     Idaho Divn         "       5-1= 5-42

1726  "     Lake Superior Divn leased 6-12-43=

1762  "     Idaho Divn leased 5-15-42


They were all subsequently sold to SP&S and renumbered as foll= ows:

1701  SP&S 535 October 1943

1751  SP&S 538 in 1944

1726  SP&S 536 October, 1943

1762  SP&S 539 October, 1944


1723 was sold to the SP&S in early 1944 with no lease involved= . It became SP&S 537


Other W-3's were sold to SP&S prior to WWII as follows:


1704 SP&S 531 in 1928

1727 SP&S 532 in 1928

1744 SP&S 533 in 1929

1747 SP&S 534 in 1929

1765 SP&S 530 in 1926


Following is a letter about sale of 1751 and 1752:


Saint Paul= , Minnesota=

September 21, 1944


Mr. G. L. Ernstrom

Mr. H. J. McLain


Herewith copies of RFA 126-44, AFE 5063-44, covering sale to the SP&S Ry.

of two Class

W-3 locomotives:


Locomotive Number   Tender Number

1752        = ;            &= nbsp;         28-E-2

1762        = ;            &= nbsp;         28-E-13


They were leased to the SP&S Ry on= May 15, 1942 and have been sold to that company as covered by contract B-124 d= ated August 29th, 1944.


The sale price takes into consideration the conversion of locomoti= ves from coal to oil burners by SP&S Ry at an estimated cost of $1,800 each at their expense.


Stokers, elevators, grates and shaker bars removed in the process = of converting the two locomotives from coal to oil burners, the estimated val= ue of which is $1,750 each, will be returned to this Company FOB our line. The equipment will be forwarded to the Northern Pacific Railway, care R.G. Bec= ker, District Store Keeper, South Tacoma.


Mr. McLain will please arrange for and inspection of the stokers a= nd elevators when received at South Tacoma= and give us a report on their condition, sending copy to Mr. Ernstrom.


Mr. Ernstrom will please select locomo= tives for application of the two second hand stokers. If the stokers should be r= econditioned and applied at some other shop, this feature should be included in the recommendation.


E. L. Grimm

 General Mechanical Superintendent


Attached page shows sale prices:


1751 Ledger cost $48,273.48 Sale price $26,612

1762 Ledger cost $48,468.31 Sale price $27,151

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