Jack Parker
  The layout construction began in early 1988 and continues to this date.  That is to say that like almost any model railroad, it never will be totally finished.  The often photographed scenes, depict an interpretation of Logan, Montana.  Considerable "artistic license" has been taken with the actual arrangement of Logan, however, the layout allows the simulation of the actual operation of the scale model N.P. trains going to and from St Paul and Tacoma in the late 1940's.  A new expansion under construction will be a representation of Livingston Montana.  This addition will add a great deal more operational interest to the layout.
  The layout features a great roster of detailed brass steam locomotives-Probably the largest operating roster of N.P. brass models any where.
  The layout room is a generous 17x50 foot plus an extra 8 foot extension on the east end for return loops.  The track is, of course, Central Valley CVT- and in fact that product was designed and developed for and then used on this layout.
  Good friend and fellow N.P. model railroader David Coster, helped design the layout and also has done all of the wiring.  The layout has many unique construction features that were-or are- ahead of they're time as many of the hundreds of visitors from all over the world will attest to.  The layout also operates very reliably.  The locomotives are tuned and weighted to pull scale length trains, and it is a lot of fun to watch and photograph the action.
Phil Edminster
    In April 1994, Phil started this project to build a live steam model of an S-4 in 1.5 inch scale in Spokane, Washington. First he redrew the plans on AutoCAD from available Baldwin erection card sheets and measurements from the prototype locomotive located in Pasco. He has fabricated all the parts from scratch to make the 'work of NP art.'
    In May 2008, Phil became fascinated with building a fully detailed NP Series 1200 Wood Caboose in 1.5" scale.  His model now rivals the real ones that served the NP faithfully over the years.  Enjoy the captioned photos.
Michael Luczak
Mike’s web site documents his O scale model railroad which he started on February 5, 2001. It is his first layout which has a mix of NP and GN equipment. This is also his first web site which he expects to update with new pictures and info from time to time.
Blair E. Kooistra
Remembering southeastern Washington's orchard country interurban railway which was a subsidary line of the Northern Pacific.  This site shows both the prototype and Blair's model operations.
Jon Bratt
Jon's layout in Minnesota models the west end of the NP's Yellowstone Division and includes the Shields River Branch.
Duane Danielson
Duane is modeling the NP and GN in western Montana to eastern Washington in the late 40's-early 50's allowing steam and diesels. The GN will have the electrified division with two electric yards. All rolling stock is correct for the era and weathered. There is a 65-foot, 20-train hidden staging yard that will enable the dispatcher to bring trains out to the viewing area. From there, an engineer will take over and run the train thru the system and bring it back to disappear again in the staging yard. Three trains will run at the same time during operating sessions, while the dispatcher is making up and receiving trains in the staging yard.
David Workman
David who lives in Redmond, Oregon, and Larry Anderson started building the Class Z-5 Yellowstone shown here in 1/8th or 1.5"/1' Scale in October 2004.
Gene Deimling
A 1923 Wood Ds Box Car.  See the Freight Car Roster under Research for more details regarding this series of cars.
Mike Borkan
Everyone who visits the NPRHA/GNRHS office at Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul has seen the 1" to the Foot model of a W-3 locomotive. This site tells the story of who built the model, when and where. It is an interesting story.