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The signing of the charter for the Northern Pacific by Abraham Lincoln in 1864 and the completion of its mainline in 1883 were major factors in the opening of the northern tier of United States.  The NP was involved in some key events affecting the development of the nation, such as: the demise of Custerís troops, the financial collapses of 1873 and 1893, and the anti-trust legislation of the early1900s.  The NP was an early innovator in the areas of on-board dining services, the 4-8-4 and 2-8-8-4 steam locomotive designs, the center-truss flat car and much more.  The Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association (NPRHA) is dedicated to preserving the history of Americaís first northern transcontinental railroad This is done by the nearly 2,000 members of the NPRHA who support research into the operations, equipment, and facilities of the NP and by modeling and publishing the various research findings. 

The NPRHA is an independent, non-profit, educational organization formed in 1981 which:

  • Publishes The Mainstreeter, a quarterly historical magazine; produced using high quality photo reproductions illustrating articles written by knowledgeable NPRHA members.  Each issue contains one to three articles along with regular columns on modeling, stories of veterans, and news of the NPRHA.  All back-issues are available from the NPRHA Company Store.  
  • Operates www.NPRHA.org, which provides searchable, online access to NP information, as-well-as the place to purchase online NPRHA Memberships, NP-related publications and merchandise, and to register for the annual convention.  
  • Publishes a photo calendar annually showing the dates of the significant events occurring over the Northern Pacific's history.
  • Holds an annual convention at a location on the NP mainline which includes many historical presentations, slide shows of the Northern Pacific, a swap meet, modeling contest, and much more.
  • Sells Northern Pacific-related items through the NPRHA Company Store including: books, clothing, NP slide sets, videos and more, either online at www.NPRHA.org or by mail, using the information found in the latest issue of The Mainstreeter
  • Encourages model suppliers to produce accurate models of equipment, structures, and specialty items commemorating the Northern Pacific.

Individuals sharing an interest in the Northern Pacific Railway, whether as railfans, veterans, modelers, collectors or historians, are invited to become an NPRHA member and receive the next four Mainstreeter issues and a calendar.    


This is the latest Mainstreeter magazine published by the NPRHA.  Mailed quarterly to members, all issues available at the NPRHA Company Store.

New NPRHA Calendar Available


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