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03/29/2002  9:38 AM

Bill Kuebler

What color were the anti-glare strips  > on NP F-unit noses? Did it vary between  > freight and passenger-painted locomotives?  > Thanks ahead - DH    I presume you mean those several strips on top of the nose. The NP referred to them as "anti-slip" strips and they were intended to allow men to crawl across the nose to wash/wipe the windshields without slipping off the nose.  These strips were added about the same time the ladder rests were added to the top/sides of the nose in 1949. The vertical row of grabs serving as a ladder up the right side of the nose was added later, in 1959-61.    As for color, most of the ones on freight units were black, and most of the ones on passenger units were a dark green, almost matching the dark green of the Loewy scheme but perhaps a little darker.    Some freight and passenger F-9s got white ones, but in the case of the freight units these replaced earlier black ones. The white ones on passenger F-9s were usually units converted from freight service in the mid-1960s. I specifically remember 6702C, 6704A, C, 6705A,C and 6706A,C as having white ones. I think 6707C did too, but think the 6707A had dark green ones. I can think of one passenger F-9 that had white ones when it was converted from freight in 1964, but then got dark green ones later, in about 1968: the 6702C  (compare photos in NP Color Pictorial Vol 3, pages 44 and 45). As always, photo evidence is best. Will look through some of my collection later and update this info if necessary. Also, a couple of the passenger F-7s got white ones, replacing the original dark green ones. One such unit was 6508C, as I recall. But most passenger F-3/5/7s had dark green.   anti-skid strips, anti-slip strips, nose, F3, F7, F9, passenger, freight, color  Compiler  C Frissell