FP7s  TT00036




10/09/2000  11:34 AM

Bill Kuebler

The only photo I have is of 6601 taken from the  > engineers side. My questions are, did both units have the same snowplow  > pilots?     Yes, but not when delivered. Both had the standard pilot  when delivered. NP gave them both snow plow pilots a few  years later.    "Did they both have the same arrangement of headlights?"    Yes.    What was  > the upper headlight, a large red light or two sealed beams in a vertical  > position with the white lens above the red?     The latter, same as F-9As. Large rubber seal around the  housing, however, unlike the F-9As' thin rubber one.      The lower headlight, was it  > two sealed beams in a horizontal or in a vertical arrangement.     Horizontal.    Lastly,  > did they both have weatherization hatchs and no dynamic brakes?     Correct, but I believe the winterization covers were added  by NP very shortly after delivery. Strangely, at least one  of these two units had its low roof fans changed to high  ones like the ones on F-3s--this was unit 6600. Would expect  the opposite. Can't pinpoint the change date, but know it  was before 1961.     Neither unit had dynamic brakes. Don't know of any instance  where these units operated west of Livingston on passenger  trains. Ditto the eight passenger Geeps, because none of  them had a dynamic brake. NP wanted dynamic brakes on all  its passenger units & trains west of Livingston.  FP-7, 6601, 6600, pilots, roof fans, details, modifications  Compiler  C Frissell