Locotrol  TT00014




05/23/02 10:24

D. T. Sprau

"Can anyone provide the road numbers for the four NP U-25Cs set up  for Locotrol circa 1969? Also, the road numbers for the converted  F7Bs? Anyone have photos of same?"  The master unit was the 2523 and the slave was the 380. I am not aware of any others being so converted, though they could have been. I'd thought the NP had, by mid-1969, experienced all the misadventures of which tales are told about those slaves and they were gone by then. But I could be wrong because I also was gone by then, to the GNRy, where similar contraptions had been tried and found wanting... radio control master slave GP18 380 U-25C 2523 Compiler  C Frissell

05/23/02 10:49

John Phillips

> Where were these units used in remote service?  >    The _1971 BN Annual_ shows that the Locotrol was in place on the rear  from Glendive to Glen Ullin, ND, where it would be placed on the head  end for the trip to Mandan. It would be cut off there and placed at  the rear of the power on the return trip to Glendive.  radio control master slave GP18 380 U-25C 2523 Compiler  C Frissell

05/23/02 18:54

Micheal Farley

According to a green book I have, the first Locotrol master was U25-C #2523, with GP18 #380 as the remote. They were so equipped in the mid 1960's. Added late 68-early 69 was U25-C #2524. U25-C's 2502 & 2508 were also added near merger time, and the #380 lost its remote unit around then, too.  The RCU/RCC's were: RCU1 Conv. 12/68 from F7B 6010C(2) Master:2502 RCU2 Conv. 6/68 from F7B 6007C(2) Master:2523  After 3/2/70, the following assignments apply 2502(5602) w/RCU 1 2523(5623) w/RCU 2 2508(5608) w/RCU 3(ex-GN) 2524(5624) w/RCU 4(ex-GN)  radio control master slave GP18 380 U-25C 2523 Compiler  C Frissell

05/23/02 14:14

Lynn Francis

NP RCU1 ex-NP F7-B 2-6010C master unit U25C BN# 5602. This ex-NP #2502 ? NP RCU2 ex-NP F7-b 2-6007C master unit U25CBN# 5623. This ex-NP  #2523 ? GN # 1 ex-GN F7-B 438c master unit U25C BN# 5608. This ex-NP #2508 ? GN # 2 ex-GN F7-B 446B master unit U25C BN# 5624. This ex-NP #2524 ? ex-NP U25C 2500-2529 to BN 5600 to 5629. NP RCU2 to BN RCU2 to  BN RCU102 first. Destroyed in wreck. This info from BN 1973 Annual, page 120. Photos of RCU102 (1st),(2nd),RCU103,RCU112 all in BN paint.  BN Annual 1974-75 has photos of GN #2 & GN #3 in GN colors and NP  RCU2 in original configuration and paint plus NP 2523 and gp18380.  Also an article on locotrol and photos of RCU109 inside and out.   radio control master slave GP18 380 U-25C 2523 GN BN Compiler  C Frissell