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4/1/2004 12:26 PM        =             &n= bsp; Duane Danielson   &nbs= p;            =           Does anyone have information on whatev= er happened to the Ogle Construction Co. that built the metal coaling towers = at locations such as Koldok ND, Paridise MT, Whitecliff MT. etc.?

They were still in existance in 1958 -= located at 175 Jackson Blvd, Chicago. From there the trail goes cold.  I need info on who bou= ght them out- or they merged with to do further research work on coaling tower= s.


4/2/2004 9:14 PM        =             &n= bsp;   Chris Frissell   Du= ane:  I'm trying to compile info on fac= ilities at Paradise, and sources are sparse.  Do you happen to know whether the coaling tower you mention there lasted into the late 1960s?  If so, might you be able to point= me toward any photos of this structure or information on approximately where = it stood in the Paradise yard? Thanks.


4/5/2004 3:48 PM        =             &n= bsp;   Chris Frissell   I've taken the liberty to open Bill K's Paradise folder and p= ost a jpeg scan of a poor postcard print that I have.  The postcard is undated and unattributed, but the brief caption on the reverse identifies it as the NP Ry's coal dock at Paradise, MT. If the location is accurate (can anyone confirm this?), this structure no = doubt considerably predates the metal coaling tower that's been mentioned here in recent posts.


PS-- In the same batch of postcards (local productions I think) I = also collected a shot of a small cabless electric c= ritter in use on the Paradise tie plant railwa= y. I'll try to relocate and scan it to post too, if there's interest.  Or have these photos already publ= ished in a book I'm not aware of? (I'm a diesel era product and don't poke back into the pre-1950s era much.)


4/5/2004 3:53 PM        =             &n= bsp;   Chris Frissell   In my previous message I paraphrased the postcard caption and it may have sounded like i assume that this photo depicts a coaling dock for servicing NP engines. However, it is not immediately apparent from the ima= ge that it served that purpose. Anybody know?


4/5/2004 5:52 PM        =             &n= bsp;   Martin A. Johnson        =             &n= bsp;  I have a good RPPC from the Dave Carlson Collection taken from top of this C= oal dock looking down the ramp.  = Showing Steel water tower to left,  Tie Plant along right, and= Howe Truss Bridge over river off in the distance.  Unused so no date on card.  Also similar view of Whitehall, M= T.


4/5/2004 9:19 PM        =             &n= bsp;   Verne Alexander        =             &n= bsp;     It is a standard plan NP coal dock--looks just like the one at Parkwater.


4/6/2004 10:54 AM        =              <= /span>Chris Frissell   I relocated the original postcard, and the inscription includes the additional information= that the wooden dock shown was dismantled in 1937-38.


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